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  • Family Protection Plan - Supplementary Benefits

    Double Indemnity Accidental Benefit (DIAB)

    Due to accident, if within 90 days from the date of occurrence an insured dies directly from such an accident caused through external, violent and visible in nature then the Company shall pay to the insured the sum assured in addition to the death benefit of the basic policy.

    Features and benefits of Double Indemnity & Accidental Benefit includes:

    • Benefits upto 2 Times of Coverage Amount.
    • Convenient Premium Payment Options (same as base plan).
    • Enjoy attractive discounts at our partner hospitals & cilinical labs with Guardian Life Card.
    • Open you door to a rich network of more than 270 partner Hospitals & Clinical Labs

    Terms & Conditions of Double Indemnity & Accidental Benefit:

    • DIAB & PDAB is mutually exclusive.
    • This is a supplementary contract and/or rider benefit which cannot be purchased as standalone product.

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